Network expertise, full-featured and dedicated. RC considers every element.


• Complete planning and design
• Optimal infrastructure and topology for every project's specific needs
• Flexible, scalable solutions
• Full service implementation from start to finish


• Upgrading, improving, and overhauling current networks
• Capitalizing on the newest technologies and software
• Best performance, cost-effective strategies


• Remote and on-site assistance, whenever and wherever needed
• Troubleshooting, problem solving, maintenance and repair
• User configuration and access
• Your uptime is our priority

Cloud Computing

• Virtualization platform -
setup and maintenance
• Data security -
Firewalls and encryption
• Hosting services - 24/7 availability


• Empowering your IT personnel
• Handling new technology
• Certification assistance
• Developing mastery in-house

Project Management

• Project development
from concept to execution
• Datacenter migration, service provider switch, vendor change, etc.
• Full oversight and facilitation


The network is a crucial component of nearly every business, but only behemoths can have experts on board. For everywhere else, there's RC.


Riss Consulting has experts in France, Quebec, and now Southern California. Established in multi-national corporations, we are professionals that have forged our own paths.

Our goal is to provide world-class services and knowledge for every size and type of entity.


RC has a complete focus on networks. This equates to a commanding expertise undiluted by extraneous offerings.

Cisco certified technicians with years of experience can build cost-effective solutions customized to any case and ensure the right fit.


Network needs (and crises) arise frequently, at any time, and often without warning.

We are on contract around the clock and calendar to meet those needs and ensure your network is thriving.


Every situation is unique and RC is ready to understand yours. To learn more about our custom offerings or connect with us otherwise, kindly populate the form below.

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